I'm YotaSwift

The smallest, fastest 4G modem.
  • I am ready already

    Swift works right out of the box so you won’t have to do a thing. No need to install drivers or updates.
  • Ready. Steady. Go

    Why wait before you connect? Plug the device in, wait just a few seconds and you’re online. Just like that.
  • I take care of myself

    Thanks to the FOTA technology, Swift automatically updates in the background. Like magic. That means your device continuously improves and you’ll always be using the latest version.

Product info

  • Yota Swift is the smallest, fastest LTE Wi-Fi hotspot in the world. With LTE B3, B7, B20 and B40 support, you get blazingly fast speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

    And with FOTA technology built in, you never have to install drivers or update the software. You simply plug it in and you can always be sure you have the latest features and the most up-to-date software.

    Yota Swift is designed for convenience. It’s designed for speed. It’s designed for you.
  • General
    Dimensions: 87 x 27 x 10,4 mm
    Chipset: Altair 3800
    Indication: lightning logo
    USIM: 3FF under USB
    Ports: USB plug and microUSB port
  • Radio
    LTE: FDD-LTE Bands 3,7,20 (1800, 2600, 800 MHz) or TDD-Band 40 (2300 MHz)
    No drivers needed over USB
    Native OS support
    Web UI
    Automatic background firmware upgrade
  • Data Throughput
    LTE Cat 4 Rel 9+: 150Mbps DL / 50Mbps UL @ 20MHz

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