Our Mission

Yota Devices` mission is to enhance user experience in mobile communication and connectivity through innovation and the application of  the best emerging technologies. Yota Devices has a proven record in enhancing and modifying existing products to optimize customer interaction with their devices.

Our Company

Yota Devices is a private company that produces hardware and software innovation-focused technology, including LTE routers and modems. Based in Moscow, Russia, we have produced more than 3 million connectivity devices, including modems and routers and have 6% of the global LTE devices market in the segment of modems and routers.

Yota Devices is now developing YotaPhone, a new dual screen Android phone. One side is an LCD and the other side is an electronic paper display, which is users’ personal space for receiving notifications, linking to social media, reading news as it happens or simply displaying favorite family photos. The phone will be available for sale in Russia and the rest of the world in the second half of 2013. Read more at www.yotaphone.com.

Our History

Our first in-house designed products - Yota One and Yota Many - came onto the market in 2010. Since then, we have introduced more than 10 faster, more reliable and more elegantly designed routers, modems and other connectivity devices.

In December 2011, Yota Devices was spun-off from the Yota Group, an investment group that was focused in the IT and telecom sector. We are now a private company dedicated to mobile communications and connectivity devices. The Yota name was kept to reflect the excellent brand recognition of the Yota Group and to emphasize that Yota Devices is a consumer-friendly hardware and software innovator.


3 million devices sold since 2009
More than 90% of the Russian LTE devices market
55 employees and growing
6% of the global LTE devices market in the segment of modems and routers
100 Mb/s offered by our fastest modem
1 million connectivity devices sold in 2012
max 20 seconds from out-of-box to connectivity for all our modems