Amber GT Series

This LTE/UMTS/GSM dongle simultaneously supports FDD Bands 1/3/7/20 and TDD 38. At just 9.9mm thick, it offers seamless over-the-air software updates and driver-less operation.
3d View

Powerful Chipset

We use the new 28nm technology in Qualcomm’s chipset MDM 9215. We use Linux as the core chipset OS, enabling extensive system-level customization and SW integration.

Dual Connector

Our patented combined dual half-size USB and micro USB is highly usable and designed with customer needs and pleasing aesthetics in mind.

Ultra Slim Multimode Modem

This less than 10mm thick modem supports FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) and TDD (Time Division Duplex) and works in 5 different LTE bands, while also supporting 2G and 3G bands.

Changeable Cases

You can change the color of your device and make it individual by easily changing the case.