3 Best Bottleneck Calculator in 2023

When you do operate your computer, sometimes you will find that there is a sign of slowing computer speed and it happens due to some kind of sluggish movement of computer commands as well. In this context, a bottleneck condition appears due to the appearance of the saturation point of the highest speed limit. Therefore, your computer will run slowly and make your computing operation more irritating and disturbing as well. Sometimes the best bottleneck calculator comes in handy for you to determine the current condition of your computer’s CPU and GPU performance.

The reason is that this only calculator will determine the exact bottleneck point and you could take the necessary measures to contain it. Now, you may think that what bottleneck means to us. The answer is that the word “bottleneck” comes from the concept of the neck of a water bottle which makes fluid flows slower. Even if the neck was not present with a bottle, then the fluid in the bottles could flow faster as well. Therefore, the bottleneck is also called in another name as ‘choke point’ as well.

Purpose of Bottleneck Calculator

The main purpose of the best bottleneck calculator is to check the saturation point where the computer starts to work slowly and make computing activity more cumbersome as well. It also checks the capacity of the computer to meet demand or throughput as well. Practically, the performance mark of CPU and GPU is largely dependent on bottleneck percentage. The reason is that it makes the computer’s performance more visible to the user’s attention. Therefore, computer users explore the maximum advantages it.

Uses of Bottleneck Calculator

Generally, the best bottleneck calculator is being used in the gaming industry. The reason is that the synchronization between the CPU and GPU is vital for playing a game on the computer. Because the gaming acceleration is very much dependent on CPU and GPU performance. If somehow the bottleneck percentage gives a negative result, then the game will be abysmally slow on the PC and also the gamer will lose enjoyment. Moreover, it increases the chances of attention to look over the CPU and GPU bottleneck percentage as well. Even, a desktop application like MS Word, Abode Photoshop, and other essentials application for PC will not require using of the best bottleneck calculator as well.

It is found that the bottleneck calculator is also used during the assembling of a computer to determine the CPU and GPU performance. The reason is that it is a vital checkup for any new computer because it will give the overall view of the graphical performance on a particular computer as well. Another point you have to keep in your mind is that the bottleneck calculator will not give the incompatible hardware configuration of CPU and GPU as well. The reason is that the incompatibility will make the difference in bottleneck percentage calculation. Even, the function of the CPU is very much important for GPU performance which could be visible in the best bottleneck calculator.

Because the instructions from the CPU will help GPU to render shaders, textures, and other visual data accordingly. One interesting point to share with you is that if your computer’s GPU is running at 100%, then your computer is working fine. But if you find that your computer’s CPU is running at 100% and your computer’s GPU is running at less than 100%, then your computer’s CPU has a bottleneck issue and you have to rectify it accordingly. Another important point to share is that a bottleneck calculator measures the bottleneck percentage according to its age or incompatibility as well. As far as the accuracy of the bottleneck calculator is concerned, it is not fully accurate.

How to use the best bottleneck calculator

Honestly speaking, using the bottleneck calculator needs some basic follow-up, The reason is that if you like to get the maximum advantages from it, then you have to follow the guideline thoroughly as well.

  1. Go to the bottleneck calculator link and select their website
  2. After that select AMD or Intel CPU according to your computer configurations
  3. After selecting the CPU series number and model number
  4. Then, you have to select AMD or NVIDIA GPU according to your computer’s specifications
  5. After that, you have to select the GPU series number and model number
  6. Now select the amount of RAM which is in your computer and click on the calculate button. You are done!

3 Best Bottleneck Calculators

Although the bottleneck calculator works on Windows computers, you can get a taste of it on different operating systems like iOS or Android. Still, PC-based bottleneck calculators are well known and also used extensively all over the computer world as well.

1. PC-Build’s Calculator for Bottleneck

This bottleneck calculator is mainly used for PC building purposes. But it has a robust bottleneck percentage checking mechanism in your PC. Therefore, you could get the accurate bottleneck when you hit on the Proceeds to Calculation button and you will get the perfect result about the bottleneck percentage.

2. CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator

It is one of the best bottleneck calculators for PC. It is an online tool that you could run through any internet browser. Moreover, using this tool is very easy and also it gives you decent results regarding bottleneck percentage. For running this tool, you will need to select, CPU, RAM, GPU, and other PC hardware for getting the right bottleneck percentage and hit Calculate FPS and Bottleneck button and you are done. You will immediately get the result without any fanfare.

3. Bottlenecked Calculator

It is an improved calculator for bottleneck calculation for PC. However, still it will give you a general bottleneck percentage which is a little buggy, and it erratically gives the bottleneck percentage result sometimes. Therefore, it is sometimes irritating to use. But it works ordinarily. You can use it if you like as well.


It is true that when you are going to use the best bottleneck calculator, then you should keep in your mind that it will give you a general look at your PC system performance and also guides you to get the maximum advantages from your PC as well.

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