Netflix Free Trial: Can You Claim in 2023?

With prices as high as $20 per month, Netflix is one of the most expensive video streaming services available. That amounts to approximately $240 annually, which is not a small sum. You could spend that money on a variety of things, such as buying a new smartphone or saving it for a rainy day. The company currently houses popular shows from other networks and streamers, produces numerous popular original movies and series, and occasionally rescues popular shows like Manifest! Other than Manifest, of course, Grey’s Anatomy, Outlander, and Riverdale are notable Netflix originals.

You will need to be extremely friendly to friends and family members who are already paying for the service in to get Netflix for free for a longer period without having to sign up for a Netflix Free Trial every month. Streaming on multiple devices simultaneously is supported by two of Netflix’s three subscription plans. You can also create separate profiles that let you make a list of movies and TV shows you want to watch, choose your preferred language, and get recommendations that are just right for you.

If you are one among those who are looking for a Netflix Free Trial, read further to know more.

Is there a Netflix Free Trial Available?

Sadly, Netflix no longer offers the 30-day Netflix free trial, which allowed users to watch everything for free for a month before signing up for a plan.

People were able to watch the first episodes of some of the most anticipated television shows, such as Love is Blind, Stranger Things, and others, during the free trial. Netflix’s growth and marketing strategy were hindered as a result of people misusing the 30-day Netflix free trial opportunity by signing up with different email addresses or deactivating their accounts.

They eventually ended the 30-day Netflix free trial and took away the option to watch for free from their official website. To experience the world of well-known movies, web series, and TV shows, you can now subscribe to any Netflix plan from the list of plans available.

Why did Netflix cancel the 30-day Netflix Free Trial?

Netflix stopped offering its 30-day free trial for a variety of reasons. The company launched a one-month free trial to entice new customers to upgrade to premium plans and encourage them to do so. However, things did not go as planned and did not align with Netflix’s expansion strategy. Netflix’s free trials started to be misused by people.

Users received free trials, canceled them, and then utilized a different email address to access a subsequent free trial. Netflix discontinued its free trial offers in 2021 in to reduce the losses they were incurring after distributing films originally intended for theatrical release to streaming services. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the VOD streaming industry underwent a significant transformation.

How to Get Started with Netflix?

To get access to the content on Netflix, you need to create an account. Follow the steps below to get your own Netflix Account:

STEP 1– Visit and click on the Sign Up option.

STEP 2– Choose your desired plan from the list of plans available.

STEP 3– Sign up by entering your e-mail and Password.

enter your details

STEP 4– Choose your preferred method of payment

netflix free trial without credit card

STEP 5– Enter your payment details and Submit.

You can access your Personal Netflix account with your chosen subscription.

What are the Different Netflix Plans Available?

1. Netflix Basic Plan

The basic plan is best for you if you’re a frugal individual looking for something affordable but still want access to all of the content.

The resolution, video quality, and the number of devices you can use to watch are the only limitations. The basic plan is your best option because it only costs $9.99 per month.

But first, let’s look at some of the minor restrictions you’ll have to follow. First of all, the video quality is pretty good, but the highest resolution you’ll get is 480p.

If you’re watching on an old TV or smartphone, this is fine. But in the future, it might be a problem, and you might miss some of the details that HD or Ultra HD resolution offers.

2. Netflix Standard Plan

If you’re looking for a plan that falls somewhere in the middle of the three options, the Standard method is just what you need.
You’ll get a few more benefits than the Basic plan because it’s the most popular Netflix plan. The ability to simultaneously on two devices and an improvement in video quality and resolution are among the upgrades.

You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in HD resolution, from 720p to 1080p, for only $15.49 per month. Since HD is now standard, the picture will be of a somewhat higher quality. Keep in mind that you will need a reasonably fast internet connection to view HD content.

This plan is ideal for one or two friends or family members who live together because it allows for two streams to be streamed simultaneously. While you watch the most recent Netflix documentary, they can watch something else.

3. Netflix Premium Plan

The Premium plan is the most expensive of the three plans, costing $19.99 per month, and it is a step ahead of the others. If you already have a 4K television, this plan will give you the best Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K video quality.

It goes without saying that not every movie or TV show you want to watch is available in 4K, but the majority of recent content is. You can see what Netflix has to offer if you type “4K” into the search bar to find something that is available in 4K.

If all you want from this subscription is to watch content in 4K, keep in mind that you’ll need the following items: a streaming device that supports 4K content, a 4K television, and an internet connection that is at least 25 Mbps. In any case, don’t burn through your time pursuing the Top notch plan.

How to Get Netflix for Free?

Even though officially the company does not offer its 30-day Netflix Free Trial anymore, there are many other ways by which you can still get access to Netflix content and still save some bucks.

1. Opt for Account sharing with someone you know

Streaming on multiple devices simultaneously is supported by two of Netflix’s three subscription plans. You can also create separate profiles that let you make a list of movies and TV shows you want to watch, choose your preferred language, and get recommendations that are just right for you.

So, here’s the strategy: You only need to ask one of your friends or family members to provide you with the Netflix account login information. Make a profile once you have that and start watching everything at once for free. You can pull this off, even though it’s not the easiest thing to do. However, keep in mind that official Netflix policy forbids the sharing of passwords. In fact, in 2021, the service tried out a feature that tells some users to create a new account if they don’t live with the main account holder.

2. Look out for Netflix offers and deals by carriers, ISPs, etc.

T-‘s Magenta and Magenta Max plans, for which Netflix is included for free, are eligible. However, there are some conditions, one of which is that you need at least two lines on your account to get Netflix for free. Customers who sign up for three or more unlimited lines from MVNO US will also receive a free subscription to Netflix.

Similar offers have also been made by carriers outside of the United States.O2 and Vodafone previously provided their customers in the UK with free access to Netflix. In India, Airtel did the same thing.

These kinds of deals change quickly, so we might see more of them in the future. When that occurs, we will make sure to update this post. Also, assuming that we’ve missed any significant ones, kindly let us in on the remarks.

3. Netflix’s offer for users in Kenya

Good news if you happen to be in Kenya. A new method for completely free access to Netflix has been made available. All things considered, kind of.

According to Netflix’s announcement, approximately 25% of its content in that nation can be accessed for free. Signing up is as simple as entering your name and email address. After signing up, you can access the free content without ads and do not need to provide any information about your credit card. This free form will be accessible throughout the following couple of weeks.

There are boundaries. For the time being, you can only use Android phones to access the free plan, and you can’t download or cast any movies or TV shows there. However, this is probably just an experiment to see if giving people in developing countries a taste of the service can attract new paid subscribers. Netflix may offer this service in a lot of other countries if the plan works.

netflix free kenya

Benefits of Netflix

Here are some benefits of Netflix.

1. Content Originality

Millions of people are interested in Netflix because it has hundreds of original titles. It has won Emmy, Grammy, and Golden Globe awards for the content it produces.

2. Multiple Device Access

Using the Netflix Premium plan, users can use Netflix on 4 devices at a time!


Netflix users can download content and they can access their downloads offline for 7 days from the download.

4. Number of Profiles

With a single account, you can create many user profiles to have every user access the type of content they like.

5. Streaming quality

Netflix offers 4K video quality while streaming its content.

Is Netflix Free with Jio plans?

On certain plans, JioFiber customers can get Netflix subscriptions for free. On their devices, users can watch an unlimited number of movies and television shows from Hollywood to Bollywood at any time and from any location.

Netflix plans are only available in India and are provided for free to JioPostPaid Plus subscribers. The JioPostPaid Plus plan offers a free Netflix subscription to users. Plans cost between $3.93 and $19.58. Through the MyJio app, Jio customers can get a free Netflix account and use their devices to watch unlimited movies and shows anywhere, anytime.

Payment Methods Accepted by Netflix

After you choose your desired plan, Netflix will charge you the Plan amount on the same day of each month. The different payment methods that are accepted by Netflix are-

1. Credit and Debit cards- Netflix accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards, provided, these are enabled for e-transactions.

2. Prepaid Cards- Prepaid Cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted by Netflix.

3. PayPal- Netflix accepts PayPal payments if it is available in your region.

4. Partner payments- Netflix can be added to a customer’s monthly or included in a package through the following partners: Cox, Comcast Xfinity, Comcast Xfinity Package, and T- Package.

How to Save Money on Netflix?

There are plenty of ways in which one can still get a discount on Netflix plans, although the company does not officially offer any discounts.

  1. Using a gift card or a Netflix coupon that you have.
  2. Using Promo Codes for Netflix that you might get through online transactions.
  3. Canceling the Plan while you do not use it. Netflix keeps your plan active for 10 months following your cancellation. You can come back anytime and renew with the same plan to get the same content again.

What to do after your Netflix Free Trial expires?

After your free trial expires, you can still get access to content on Netflix. For this, you will need to choose a plan from the plans that Netflix offers you and activate your subscription. If you do not wish to continue after the Netflix Free Trial expires, you can opt for canceling or pausing your current subscription.

How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription?

For pausing or canceling your subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Netflix’s website. Further, go to Profile and click on the Account option.

2. Under the Membership and Billing column, click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option.

Netflix Cancel Membership

3. Confirm the cancellation of your subscription by clicking on the Finish Cancellation button.

Netflix Finish Cancellation

This will cancel your existing subscription. Note that you can log in back to your account within the next 1o month and renew your subscription.


You can always subscribe to Netflix’s plan and watch all content without ads, even though the free trial opportunity has been discontinued. Netflix can be your one-stop shop for streaming the latest movies, TV shows, web series, and more. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time without having to sign any contracts or make any commitments, and you won’t have to pay any cancellation fees.

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