Swift Series

This LTE-only FDD multiband dongle was commercially launched on December 2011 in Novosibirsk, Russia, after successful trials earlier that year in Kazan. Today, more than 1 million units have been sold primarily in Russia and Belarus. When introduced, it was the smallest, fastest time to Internet (only 5 seconds after plug in) LTE dongle on the market. It has more than 5 patented features.

Powerful Chipset

We use the new 28nm technology in Qualcomm’s chipset MDM 9215.

We use Linux as the core chipset OS, enabling extensive system-level customization and SW integration.

Low Cost

Swift is an LTE only modem offering high performance and an excellent out-of-box experience.

Easy To Use

15 seconds from out-of-box to connectivity. Swift uses Quickboot, a customer-oriented feature that means no software needs to be installed. Just open the box and plug the modem into the USB port.
This feature has reduced the number of calls to the customer support service with questions about installation by 20%.

Dual Connector

Our patented combined dual half-size USB and micro USB is highly usable and designed with customer needs and pleasing aesthetics in mind.