Main Benefits of Ruby Premium Series

Feature Benefits
Firmware update User always has the latest firmwire

Firmware updates in the background: safe and quick

Dual connector Patented Dual Halfsize USB with  Micro USB on the back side

USB plug and microUSB port for universal connectivity

Optimizator Optimisation software client installed by default and could be launched by request

Data compression and optimization for operator


MircroSIM under USB plug

CMLess All OS: Win, Mac, Linux, SP

Automatic installation within 30 seconds to any OS

Web User interface

Easy to be accessed and used Web interface

EPD screen You will see on display the last info even with low battery

Electronic paper for energy saving; active even with discharged battery

WiFi share Share internet with your friends by one switching

Switch to share your internet connection

Charging Quick charge allows you to charge the device for 70% only in 1 hour

Quickly (1h) charge device from any power source with maximum efficiency

Battery Device idle/hibernate up to 60hours/ 39 days
Device active: up to 16 hours

Up to 60 hours idle (with WiFi), Up to 16 hours with smartphone usage

GLONASS / GPS Carriers  recieve anonymous data about signal quality at the point of subscriber presence

GLONASS / A-GPS positioning system for network optimization