Ruby Series

This LTE/UMTS/GSM portable router simultaneously supports FDD Bands 1/3/7/20 and TDD 38. It features an electronic paper display, absolutely unique battery lifetime (up to 60 hours active) and patented USB hinge design.

It is the next generation of premium multimode dongle and portable router, with a unique combination of materials: steel, natural leather and glass. It features embedded/cloud sync memory storage, seamless updates and an e-ink display. It is based on Qualcomm’s latest MDM9225 chipset.

3d View

Powerful Chipset

We use the new 28nm technology in Qualcomm’s chipset MDM 9215.

We use Linux as the core chipset OS, enabling extensive system-level customization and SW integration.

Unique Design

The patented ID design is optimized to PCB with a hidden micro SIM slot (3FF) with a push-push mechanism that makes this modem friendly and easy to use. We use an LED guide with the carrier’s logo as the indicator.

Long Battery Life

Special software algorithms mean this device can work longer and save battery life better. It lasts for 16 hours of smartphone synchronization or 6 hours of video downloading and uploading, 39 hours in standby and 60 days in hibernate mode. The fast-charge feature means it can be charged up to 70% of battery in just 1 hour.

Easy To Use With Wi-Fi Share

This feature lets you share your Internet connection with friends in just 1 second by switching devices to the Wi-Fi Share mode. The shared Wi-Fi network will be open and your guests can join it without having to enter a password.

Dual Connector

Our patented combined dual half-size USB and micro USB is highly usable and designed with customer needs and pleasing aesthetics in mind.