Yota Devices: Formula for Success

Yota Devices is a user experience company. Our business philosophy is above all based on innovating user experience as well as on applying the best emerging technologies to enhance customer experience.

Yota Devices is a private company of vast expertise in mobile communications and connectivity devices. The company developed its first connectivity device in 2009. In 2012, Yota Devices sold more than 1 million modems and routers, representing 6% LTE connectivity devices market in the segment of modems and routers. Yota Devices' business philosophy is based on enhancing the user experience by applying the best contemporary technologies.

Moving into the already-crowded smartphone market is a logical extension of our business philosophy, experience and entrepreneurial spirit. The challenge we have set ourselves is taking the technological advances of LTE and creating a new type of smartphone which virtually redefines the customer experience for the better.


Vlad Martynov CEO,
Yota Devices Ltd .
Esa Piukkula Head of Engineering,
Yota Devices
Lau Geckler Chief Operating Officer,
Yota Devices Ltd .
David Slocum Asia Director,
Yota Devices