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8 hours
6 hours
10 hours
18 hours
10 hours
of online video
20 hours
of online music
60 hours
in standby mode
30 hours
of Skype calls
When not in use, WiFi
is automatically turned off
for additional battery life.
The EPD screen provides
yet more battery savings
WiFi Share

Open an additional public
WiFi network for up
to 10 connections

Private Share

Continue to work in your
private WiFi network

With the 2-in-1 USB-MicroUSB
connector you will never
have to look for a cable
Simply plug in Ruby into
any USB compatible device,
from a laptop to a video
game console
Ships ready to use
Simply put in the SIM card
When the Yota logo
lights up, you are all
set to start browsing
Enjoy perfect
all the time
Instantly get back to
LTE where available
Continue the online
experience even without
the 4G LTE connection.
Stay online
in the world