Always On

The electronic paper display is always on, but in a less disturbing and more friendly way. You can easily see notices, emails, tweets, and other information in real time without picking up or even activating your phone.
The electronic paper display does not have to go dark to save battery life. Even if the battery dies, the most recent information on the EPD will remain visible. You can use it to save important information. Save anything from a route on a map, to a boarding pass, to theatre tickets.

Comfortable Reading

Electronic paper screen gives you a longer lasting, more comfortable reading experience even in bright sunshine.You get the perfect smartphone and e-reader in one device insted of two.

Just with
a turning a phone

When you turn the phone, footnotes on the current page will automatically appear on the LCD

Never Miss A Thing

Have you ever missed an important call, message or notification simply because it only appeared on your screen for a brief moment? The electronic paper display on the YotaPhone shows all vital notifications of your choice on-screen for as long as you need them or until you are ready to react to them.

Stand Out From The Crowd

YotaPhone helps you to express yourself better. Get rid of your phone cases and change your personal wallpaper on the e-ink screen any time you want.
Create a personal manifesto by placing your achievements and information on the back side. Keep motivating yourself to achieve your personal goals.

Be Surprised

Be surprised by the hot RSS feeds in the morning right after the YotaPhone alarm. Be surprised by the emoticons shown when you get an SMS from your friend on your YotaPhone. Be surprised when you hear a call for help when the YotaPhone battery goes out.
Be surprised when the YotaPhone asks your friends to smile when taking a photo.